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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weaving….the Finished Objects!




Saturday, I was back at the studio to finish weaving the Chenille scarf.   I just love it!   The yarn is quite fine – 1450 yds. per 1 lb cone, so it makes a lovely finished scarf.






As you can see here….I’m nearly ready to cut it off the loom. 





Once off the loom, all I have to do is twist the fringe and then wet it down and throw it in the dryer to “finish” it – it will really soften up once it’s been tossed around in the dryer!




finished_scarf_closeup Here’s the finished scarf….up close and from a distance.   (Sorry….with the white wall, the camera automatically adjusts, so it’s making the “distance view” a bit dark for the scarf.)



And….I’ve finished the towel too!   First, I hemmed it.  Next I had to trim all the little threads you see hanging off the back.  You can see the threads in the photo on the left.   By trimming them prior to washing, the edges will be hidden.   So much easier than weaving the ends in like you have to in knitting!   Finally, I tossed it in the washer for a good wash….and then into the dryer for the final finish.   I love how it came out (right)!

 towel_finished_and_hemmed towel_reverse_side after_hemming






     warp_claudette warp_lana

Oh….while I was at the studio today, Claudette and Alana came in for their class with Beth.  They both had projects that needed to be planned and warped – what fun!  Claudette got hers warped right away on her rigid heddle loom (left)…don’t you just love the colors!  Of course, she dived right into weaving.   It reminds me of fall….and the gorgeous colors the leaves will soon be turning.   Alana’s project is a more neutral brown and I believe she’s got it nearly all wound on (right).  I think the warping mill is quite lovely – what a fabulous tool!


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