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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Antique Spinning Wheel and Knitting Progress

I completed a little project – a small purse with a finger-woven handle – and a a bonus,      a yarn snake to “hide inside”.   Who says little girls have to play with dolls!   They can play with truck, mud, insects, and even toy snakes!   (I’m thankful that when I grew up, daddy wasn’t focused on “girl toys” vs. “boy toys” – he was thrilled that his girls were interested in trucks, trains, baseball, and Erector sets!)





I also made a cute little cup cozy for my friend Paula….part of her birthday presents.   She loves mermaids, so I thought this would be perfect!  (It’s blocking right now…)




At spinning this week, Alice showed off the adorable antique spinning wheel she’s “fostering” – isn’t it adorable?   It’s a very petite and elegant French wheel of some sort.




antique_wheel_side_closeupantique_wheel_closeupHere are a couple of close-ups….it’s just gorgeous!

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