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Monday, October 22, 2012

New York Sheep and Wool – Part I

sheep_and_wool Ah….it’s time once again for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  I had a blast once again…and thoroughly enjoyed working for Misty Mountain Farm again.   There’s just something exciting about talking to everyone about wool, fiber, yarn, and patterns.  

In spite of working, I still managed to pick up a number of interesting goodies and did some fabulous shopping.  I even managed to run into and chat with some fabulous designers – both Anne Hansen and Edie Eckman.  

I love this time of year as well….there’s a crispness in the air…and the colors of the leaves are fantastic!

IMG_4280 IMG_4272







IMG_4288 Once again, I stayed with my friend Cathy….her apartment is in a very cute and very private location that overlooks the Catskills and the Esopus.   It’s so calming to wander the grounds….a sense of peace just washes over you.



IMG_4286 Here’s the view from just behind her apartment – isn’t it gorgeous?IMG_4285







IMG_4316 IMG_4304







IMG_4307Cathy has the most adorable cats that share her apartment…and since I was there, they graciously shared with me.   They didn’t seem to mind a bit!  They’re the sweetest cats you’ve ever met. 






Oh…at dusk, you would not believe all the deer that come out of the woods to “snack” on the grass.  It was a beautiful scene!  




Most of the time, it was either too hazy or I got home too late to take any photos at sunset, but I did manage a few.

























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