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Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Cards

Keeping with this week’s “stamping theme”, I dug out my stamping supplies and crafted a couple of birthday cards – one for each sister.

IMG_4765 For the first card, I created a card with a cute little mouse – I used my water color pencils to color it in, but then I forgot whether the ink I used for the stamp was water-fast or not.   Ideally, I would swipe over my coloring with a wet brush to create a more water color effect, but since I’m not sure if I’ll smear the stamp ink, I decided to pass on that part!

IMG_4764 The second card is a carousel horse theme – one of my sisters is very into carousel horses!   I tried to color it a bit whimsical…just like the carousel horses of old.   Again, not knowing if the ink was water-fast, I opted to just color it with the water color pencils and not “finish” them with water.  

Neither card is very fancy, but I’m just getting my feet wet on stamping projects.   I do much better during classes.   Guidance and tips from the instructors for specific techniques is priceless!!!!


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