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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Knittin’ ‘n Hookin’

Just a couple of projects to talk about this early in December.    First off, I knit mom a pair of bedsocks for her birthday.  She LOVES this style of sock for sleeping.  She claims she can’t sleep without a pair of these on her feet in the winter.  

socks_1 She wears the socks I make her all the time…and they seem to wear rather quickly – mainly her favorite yarns for me to craft these with are single ply loosely spun yarn.  It seems that I’m always darning a couple of pairs of these every time I visit her.  This time, I made them with a plied acrylic/wool blend - “Pacific Chunky” from Cascade - I’m hoping these are a bit more durable!


IMG_4679 Tonight was another Goose Creek Ruggers meeting….but this one was special.  It was our annual Christmas exchange.  We had what’s called “Bad Santa”.   We all draw numbers….the first person selects a gift to open.   Then, the next person can either open a gift or “steal” the first gift.   It’s fun and stressful at the same time – especially if there’s something you really want!  I was fortunate enough to “steal” this gorgeous Old World Santa pattern designed by Patty (the designer is posing with her creation).  I just love it!  (I do feel a bit guilty for “stealing” it from Jen…but she says she didn’t mind.)

There were two absolutely stunning rugs at tonight’s meeting….


IMG_4680 The first includes both traditional hooking techniques as well as the proddy.  The proddy technique formed the multi-layered feathers of the owl.  It’s absolutely stunning….and made by Jen!   Honestly…she has something new every month!




The second is a work in progress that Anne is working on.  It’s going to be absolutely gorgeous when it’s done.  It’s quite a large rug, so it will take her a while…but once it’s done.   WOW!!!!


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