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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!   I hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday!

On the knitting front, I FINALLY finished DH’s gift – the Zombie Moose!   I had knitted most of it in front of him, but had to do the stitching together, embellishments, and the antlers when he wasn’t around.  This was a bit problematic as he had the nasty cold/flu that’s been going around….so he was constantly “under foot”!  

I kept hoping he’d be asleep when I got home from Christmas Eve services….but no luck.  He was STILL up watching TV.   FINALLY…he went up to be at about 11:30…and I got to work on the antlers and the rest of the finishing!

Eureka!   At 3:30 am, I FINISHED!!!!!   Wahoo!   Just in time for Christmas!


(I know….a zombie moose isn’t the typical Christmas gift, but he does love mooses and truly enjoys a good zombie movie…..so I thought this would be perfect!!!!!)  BTW – he LOVES it!!!! 

The designer of the pattern, Knitterbees, has an entire back story for the moose as well…but the funniest bit is that he’s allergic to brains!!!   How funny is that!   A Zombie….allergic to brains!    (That’s why his right eye is swollen and his tongue is droopily hanging out!)


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