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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kiitoksia oikein paljon!

.....which means "Thank you very much" in Finnish

Wow! What a fabulous surprise I got yesterday when the postman rang my doorbell! There was a lovely box from Finland. It was my first box from the Secret Pal 13 Swap and it was jam packed with wonderful goodies. My pal did an awesome job figuring out my favorite colors, fibers, and treats! Everything is just perfect!

My pal had sent a note when the package shipped and has kept in contact with me every few days. She was hoping that it would get here before Christmas. Now I understand why - it had to travel all the way from Finland and it took nearly 3 weeks to arrive! It was well worth the wait. Check out the adorable giant postcard with the elves - isn't it cute?

The box was so crammed with goodies that I don't know where to start with my description. I guess I'll start with the non-knitting/non-spinning items. All the goodies/treats are perfect:
  • Tea lights - these smell absolutely wonderful - it's a "Winterberry"scent that smells good enough to eat!
  • A packet of Glogg mix (all of us or Scandinavian decent are familiar with glogg, though I've never actually tried it) - "Glogimauste"
  • Dark chocolate candies (mmmmm, mmmmm!)
  • Tutti-Frutti candies in the "Nordic Berries" flavor - how perfect!
  • Organic coffee (LOVE coffee!)

For knitting and spinning "treats", I received hand-dyed fiber AND yarn! And they're gorgeous! The fiber is hand-dyed grey Finn Wool in purples and violet-blues. It feels yummy! Then there's some incredible hand-dyed sock yarn. The colors are so rich - it's a coppery-brown with mauve and maroon overtones and several other colors - there's even a touch of purple mixed in! All these colors really give the yarn depth and I'm sure it will make absolutely stunning socks! Oh...and as an added bonus, knitting and wearing socks made from this yarn should be a healthy experience as there are vitamins and jojoba added to the yarn. Pretty cool, eh?

But wait, there's more!

In addition to all the goodies for the swap, there was a very special Christmas present as well - it was the blue present in the "open box" photo. Since my pal said I could open it before Christmas, I had to do that. What a fabulous package! When I tore open the wrapping, I founda fabulous pair of hand-knit socks nestled inside a darling "knitting bunny" mug. The socks are gorgeous! And they fit perfectly!

The socks are incredibly soft and the pattern is gorgeous! I can't believe my Secret Pal spent the time to knit me a pair of socks - especially this time of year when everyone is SO busy!

Kiitoksia oikein paljon! Thank you very much! I'm a VERY spoiled pal!


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