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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lots of Knitting Progress....and Knitting Plans

There's been quite a bit of knitting being done around here, although I managed to "avoid" the finishing on the Maggi Knits top! Hmmm...imagine that. Me avoiding the piecing together of projects and opting for knitting instead!

I finished the Nordic style hat for my former Program Manager out of Aslan Trends Del Sur. It used exactly ONE ball of the yarn with very little left over. I'm not real keen on this sort of hat, mainly because of how I look in them. However, he selected the style based on the hat his Brazilian friend had. The sole purpose of this hat is to keep his head warm on the train platform. I just need to wash and block it and then it's ready for delivery.

Late last week as well as today, I managed to get in some quality knitting time on my Opal socks while riding the Metro. One of the passengers (a young 20 something) was totally intrigued by the process of knitting - especially the process of knitting a sock. We had a very nice chat...and hopefully, we have a new knitting convert!

Saturday, I finished my "Irish Hiking" scarf - I LOVE it! The color, the drape of the scarf and its overall weight are perfect! There's a lot of spinning oil in the wool, so I definitely need to give it a good washing. The yarn I used, Merino Otto, had only 90 some yards per skein, so I had to use 4 skeins for the scarf so there are lots of "woven in ends" that I need to "set".

I also have made great progress on a scarf for my Ravelry swap partner. It's about 1/2 done now. It's in Malabrigo worsted weight yarn in a caramel/butterscotch color way. It's absolutely scrumptious to knit with. Sorry...I can't show a picture yet as the scarf pattern needs to be a surprise to my swap partner. I'll definitely post a photo later...once the scarf is complete and has been received by my partner.

I ended the weekend at Catherine's with a few other friends - knitting and "enabling" each other. That's where I finished the Nordic hat and got a "tip" about a lovely shawl that I just "have to make" - it's gorgeous and is in all naturally dyed colors. And...the colors just happen to be colors I love - LOL! Oh...an added bonus to the day was the luscious Jamieson and Smith Shetland lace yarn that Catherine gave me. There's a solid ounce of this very fine yarn. I just need to figure out the yardage....and then find a suitably lacy project for it. Any suggestions?

Secret Pal 13

Oh...I forgot to post the answers to the SP13 questions...so here's the link to my answers to the SP12 questionnaire - which should be about the same. (My Secret Pal had to remind me...sorry about that!)


  • At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, I LOVE the colour of your Irish Hiking Scarf! It's gorgeous. Loving the crazy Opal colourway, too.

    Yay for lots of knits. <3

  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    On the Shetland Supreme -- it's 1 oz = 450 yds, please don't worry if you have enough for a project, just pick something you'd like to knit from it... there's a kg cone of it in my stash (plenty for plenty of pretty much anything either of us would knit).

    Love the hiking scarf, love the hat, love Genevieve!


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