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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Fashion Show....

The Maggie Jackson fashion show at Nature's Yarns was WONDERFUL! No cameras though - it would interfere with the official photographer's photos...and could momentarily blind the models! You'll just have to trust me - the fashion show and the models were fabulous!

I did manage to get a couple of shots of the staff that was working the show. Tiffany is modeling one of Maggie's wraps. Isn't it gorgeous? Lynn is relaxing a bit after a busy afternoon of preparation.

As a result of the fashion show, I purchased several more of Maggie's books - unbelievable! When I had originally looked at the books, I thought, "Oh, I could never wear that." BUT...during the fashion show, we got to see people of all shapes and sizes modeling her designs. They ALL looked fantastic! After the fashion show, we all got to try on garments. I was surprised at how good each item looked on so many different people! I think we're all "Maggie Groupies" now!

My parting photo is one of Georgia. Little girls always love to play "Dress-up". Georgia was DEFINITELY in her element with the fabulous rack of garments we had to "play in"!


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