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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall is Here!

There is definitely a bit of a nip in the air now! I believe that fall is FINALLY here! I was amazed at the trees in my neighborhood. Overnight, many changed colors and became very vibrant. Others, just "dumped" all their leave with no burst of colors.

The chill has definitely spurred me to make some more progress on my "Irish Hiking Scarf". I'm nearly to the point where I was when I "had" to put it in time out - midway through the 3rd skein of yarn! Wahoo! The only problem is that the project has been in and out of various knitting bags so often that one of the 4 skeins is missing! Oh no! I know it's around here somewhere, but it will be nearly impossible to find in my stash! (I've already checked with the LYS to see if there was another skein so I could take the easy way out, but alas...it's a different dye lot! ARGH!!!! Now I DEFINITELY have to dive through my stash looking for the "lonely skein!))

As I mentioned in a previous post, I made a lot of progress on my latest socks while riding the Metro this past week. And I continued my progress through the heel at last Friday's Sons of Norway meeting while listening to an absolutely fascinating discussion about the Norwegian explorer and statesman, Freidjeg Nansen. The presenter, Lily, is absolutely fascinating to listen to - she's very animated and knowledgeable...and has a fabulous sense of humor. If I had history instructors like her, I would have LOVED history classes instead of dreading them!


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