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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shenandoah Valley Fall Fiber Festival

This past weekend was also the Shenandoah Valley Fall Fiber Festival in Berryville, VA. I wasn't able go until Sunday, but I'm glad! Saturday's weather was terrible! Lots of wind and rain. Sunday was sunny and bright - perfect for a ride through the countryside to the festival! The drive to Berryville always provides wonderful rural scenery. In the morning, there was even a little bit of fog nestled down in the valleys. (Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them for a closer view of the mountains and the fog.)

I belong to the Blue Ridge Spinners and Weaver's Guild, so I helped out with the booth for a while and then went off to do some shopping of my own. Amazingly, I did a LOT of damage to my checkbook in a very short time! And to think I didn't go to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival....in order to save money! LOL!

Our booth was chock full of all kinds of woven and spun goodies. All of our members had gorgeous items for sale. I managed to find the perfect scarf, some wonderful fingertip towels woven by Marilyn and some hand woven placements made by Keith.

The ride home was beautiful! It was a bright and sunny day in the mid-60's. The trees are starting to turn, but just don't seem as vibrant as they have in the past. It may be due to the fact that we haven't had much rain this month. We had rain on Saturday, but it had been 23 days since we'd had any measurable rain!

In spite of the lack of rain, the pumpkin harvest appears to have done quite well this year. We definitely grow them big here in Virginia!


  • At 10:22 AM, Blogger cathy said…

    Hi, I went to SVFF, too, but on Saturday in the wet weather. It was still a lot of fun! There's something I just love about that festival. :)


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