Have Ewe Any Wool?

Monday, October 27, 2008


The Sons of Norway annual Lutefiske dinner was held this past Saturday. After going to the Maggie Jackson Fashion show on Friday night, I rushed home to bake 8 dozen Norwegian Almond cookies to bring to the dinner. Mmmmm....cookies!

There were lots of smiling faces filling up their plates at the buffet line. DH decided NOT to partake in any of the Lutefiske goodness....hmmmm....I wonder why? He's going straight for the Swedish meatballs!

DH's plate wasn't very full - no Lutefiske, no rutabagas, and no cabbage. He's missing out on half the fun! Of course, I had plenty of everything on my plate....I was a little "piggie". Once again, the Lutefiske was extra tasty, so I even had seconds! Karen D. was the chef and did a fabulous job! Baking cookies was a small effort compared to the major effort that she put forth!

I can honestly say that no one went home hungry! These folks had a very productive "fishing trip" - they left the dinner with several pounds of Lutefiske for the holidays!


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