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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jultrefest and my Christmas Knitting Progress

Last Friday evening, we had the annual Sons of Norway Jultrefest - lots of yummy food as well as a visit from the Nisse who brought gifts for all the girls and boys in the group.

"You better not shout, you better not pout, Julenissen is coming to town!"

We finished the evening with a dance performance by the Nordic Dancers. Click on the video below to get a short taste of the festivities! They also invited all of us to participate in a number of folk dances and the end of their performance. I can definitely say that a good time was had by all!

Now, on to the knitting progress...

Earlier, I'd mentioned the scarf I'd knit for a Ravelry exchange out of the lovely Malibrigo that my partner sent. The colors remind me of caramel....and it was incredibly soft and wonderful to work with! The pattern I chose was "The Boyfriend Scarf" from the book, "Chic Knits". I love how the cables move from the edge of the scarf to the center. It was a lot of fun to make. If you haven't tried cables and want to give it a whirl, this is definitely a nice pattern to try.

I liked the yarn so much I decided to make scarves for my parents out Malabrigo as well. I've finished dad's scarf (green) and am well on my way to finishing mom's (blue) - it's about 3/4 done in the photo. I'm using the "Irish Hiking Scarf" pattern again as it's easy for my to work on from memory and is pretty close to "mindless knitting"....a definite bonus this time of year! The yarn doesn't stripe but instead has very subtle mottled look with some spots being darker than others giving it a lot of depth.

Progress has also been made on my Opal socks - I'm already to the heel shaping on the second sock. I think I'll probably have these finished by Christmas as well - perhaps a present for myself??? Once I reach the halfway point on a sock, it seems like the rest of the sock "finishes itself". Once I'm done with these, I think my next pair of socks will be with some lovely Lorna's Laces in purples and turquoise.


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