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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Lots of Goodies!

Wow! This past week I received LOTS of goodies in the mail....and it's not even Christmas yet!

First off, my friend Mia did some "personal shopping" for me when she went to SOAR this past October. She selected some "Optimum" fiber for me in a gorgeous lavender shade. She also selected some Pygora in absolutely "to die for" colors - varied shades of purple. Finally, there was some fabulous laceweight yarn from Polworth wool - in purples and blues. The selection and colors are absolutely perfect! I have NOTHING like it in my stash! Oh...and in case you're wondering, the tin in the picture is absolutely STUFFED with homemade cookies and fudge. Thanks sooooo much Mia! DH and I have been really enjoying the home baked goodies!

Secondly, I received my scarf and goodies from my Ravelry "Monthly Adventures" exchange. Catherine, from MA, did a fabulous job both in the knitting and in the selection of a pattern. I had sent Blue Heron beaded wool and she crafted the perfect scarf for me. It's absolutely gorgeous! Every time I wear it, I get complements on it. The pattern is basically the "Misti Chunky Ribs and Ruffles Scarf" only modified to cast on more stitches to use a worsted weight yarn.

On Dec. 3rd, we had our knitting guild's holiday party and several folks showed off their finished projects. As a result, I'm suffering a bit of envy as a few of my friends have just finished some major projects - and they're gorgeous! Catherine has completed her lace piece - it's beautiful beyond words! Oh, my! Just the THOUGHT of the number of stitches that go into a lace piece of this size makes my fingers ache!

Pamela, another very driven knitter, tackled the Berroco Foliage Jacket. I just love all the colors - especially the way they spiral in the jacket pattern. Isn't it luscious? This is definitely a "must do" on my list - or perhaps it will just remain a "dream project"?

Finally, there's the prolific knitter, Yvonne. We all just received the issue of "Creative Knitting" that this pattern was in and she's already FINISHED and is WEARING one of the designs! Isn't it gorgeous? It makes me want to dig through my stash and start one for myself. Maybe I'll have more time to knit in January???


  • At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You have received wonderful fibers from SOAR. I hope your December has started well, there is more than one week to Christmas. I have sent your first parcel two weeks ago and I really hope it arrvies before Christmas.

    Have a nice week,

    Secret Pal

  • At 3:11 PM, OpenID vickiknit said…

    Beautiful projects, thanks for sharing!


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