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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Technology Challenges.....Getting Back on Track

I've had some technology issues that have prevented me from updating since February.   I'd been using Windows Live Writer to write and publish on my XP, but that computer is a bit out of date, very full, and very slow, so I'd attempted to move on to Vista (not a fan!!!).

I've attempted (unsuccessfully) to get Live Writer to work on my Vista computer, but I've failed miserably!    I didn't want to use the blogger setups because I had stuff stubbed in on Live Writer, and whenever I attempt to modify anything that had been enter with Live Writer, it really messed it up when I opened it in Blogger.   SO.......now I've decided to go ahead and bit the bullet and start entering it once again using Blogger.   I'm starting with August.   As time permits, I'll go back and back fill from mid February on.

Wish me luck!!!


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