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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ground Hog Day

What a fabulous “Ground Hog Day”!   DH and I took a trek to Amissville, VA to meet a couple of doggies from RAWL – Rappahannock Animal Welfare League.  It’s the same rescue group where we got our beloved Sandy nearly 12 years ago.  We’d been cruising the website over the past week and found a couple of cute fellows that had caught our eye, so we wanted to meet them.  (A house just isn’t a home without a loving dog!!!)

When we met Bandit in person, he immediately stole our hearts.   He was the sweetest, most loving, “lap-dog-wanna-be” I’ve ever met!   When he came out of the kennel, he immediately snuggled up with DH.  He was adorable!   He seemed to cuddle and love you by “melting into you” and laying his head on you as if to hint that he’d love to snuggle up on your lap. 

Within 10 minutes, I was down on the floor being snuggled.  This guy is a total cuddle bug!  My heart melted on the spot.   This guy is the best!   He LOVES everybody and every dog….he just oozes with all the traits one could possibly want in a furry member of the family.

Needless to say, DH and I were in total agreement – we both immediately adored him.   There was NO doubt….we absolutely wanted to adopt this lovable guy.   He rode home with us this afternoon…snuggled up close to me in the back seat…..with his very weighty paws “pinning me down” nearly the entire ride home…after all, he weighs 80+ lbs!!!!

A very loving welcome to the newest member of our family….Bandit!


And check out Bandit’s face in this photo…I swear he’s smiling!   I’ve never met a dog that can smile like he can!   He’s absolutely incredible!  You can’t help but look at him and immediately be in a good mood!



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