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Monday, August 12, 2013

Felted Flowers

One of the things I did when I took a felting class in July was to make a felted flower for an embellishment.   I decided to try that again....this time, outside of the class.   I attempted to "free style" my flower by creating two layers and then needle felting them together.   It didn't come out nearly as well as it did in class!   I definitely need to hone my skills at this craft!

I started by cutting two circles from some felted wool basically wool fabric that was tossed in the washer and washed in warm/hot water and then dried in the dryer.  Then I cut petals from each circle.

Then I gathered up my felting materials (a felting needle, part of a "swim noodle" for something to stab into, and a bit of roving) and felted a center to the flower.   Definitely not the best flower, but you get the idea!

I'm leading a floral-a-long on Ravelry in the Monthly Adventures group, so I'll have to try some other types of flowers.   Hopefully I'll have better luck at them.   Also, I plan to go through how to make a rose from felted sweater pieces or felted wool.   The rose below was made last year at a craft table at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - it was a lot of fun!  (Please pardon the very awful sewing job that I did attaching the pin-back!!!!)


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