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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Message in a Bottle

I just received the coolest letter! My SP13 Secret Pal sent me "A Message in a Bottle"...literally!

When I checked the mail, I found a letter in a most unusual "envelope". I have to wonder what the postman thought when he delivered it. Perhaps he thought someone I know is in a bit of trouble? I certainly hope not!

Inside the bottle was a lovely letter from my Secret Pal. She assured me that she's not in any kind of trouble! I was quite relieved to see that it wasn't an "SOS". Inside the bottle was a very nice letter talking about knitting and spinning and an upcoming package. She likes to knit socks....just like I do! (She's a fabulous sock knitter....remember the lovely socks I received from her for Christmas?)

Thanks Secret Pal for the very unique letter!


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