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Sunday, January 18, 2009

4-H Fiber Day

I had an absolute blast on Saturday! Blue Ridge Spinners and Weaver's hosted a "4-H Fiber Day". The bright sunshine helped "trick" you into thinking it wasn't really "that cold"! The event was held at Sykes Hall on the Loudoun County 4-H Fairgrounds. It was a very clear day and looked deceptively mild. However, it was brutally cold - 3 degrees when I left home that morning!

It was warm in the building, but as you can see, everyone was bundled up for the cold when they arrived. We set everyone up with name tags and then sent them off to each booth to "be creative."

In spite of the cold, a number of kids came out.

They were ready to try their hand at all of the following:

Making Felted Soap

Dyeing Socks

Nuno Felting a bookmark

Weaving with an Inkle Loom

Free-Form Weaving

Weaving with Fabric and Roving

Tapestry Weaving

Weaving Mug Rugs


I volunteered at the knitting booth where Dara and I taught a number of kids how to knit. The kids were amazing! the project they created and took away with them was a "bunny-on-a-stick". The started with pre-knit squares for the head and only needed to knit the ears...and add the finishing touches to the bunny's face. We found that it took a LONG time to knit the ears. There were some very creative "bunnies" - including the "alien bunny" with one pink ear and it's eye's on it's ears!

The finished table runner from the weaving with fabric and roving was presented to the 4-H group.

We had a final wrap up and feedback session with them when they'd finished. They were unanimous in saying they had a great time. It was a fun and tiring day...and you can definitely see how tired Lauri and Sue were at the end of the day!

The ride home was cloudy...with an occasional flake of snow. You can almost see the coldness in these views from the Fairgrounds. I definitely wasn't cold on the inside though - I'd just spent a fabulous afternoon sharing the love of fiber with another generation!


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