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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Tour de Fleece

The "Tour de Fleece" began on Saturday.   I had already spun up a bobbin of my the Cormo Silk roving that I bought from Kate of Reflections at Roclans at the end of last.   The roving is incredible to spin....it's absolutely gorgeous!

On the Fourth of July, I spun most of the second bobbin while enjoying the unseasonably temperate weather we had!  It was GORGEOUS outside!   There was a fabulous breeze.  DH spent the evening in the hammock...and I spun.   We just had to re-arrange our positions when the fireworks began.   We had front row seats without going anywhere as some of my neighbors shot off their own fireworks!  I finished spinning the second bobbin as I watched.  I believe this was the best 4th of July EVER!!!!

I started plying late Friday and finished very early Sunday morning.   I love how this turned out!

The resulting skein was 446 yards in length....and weighed in at 4.6 ounces!

The full skein.....and a close up.


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