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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Spinning Comparison - Cormo and Corriedale

This month, I spun a one ounce sample of Cormo and a one ouce sample of Corriedale.  Both samples were combed top.  

These two ounces are part of our fiber study that we're doing in the Foothills Spinners and Weavers Guild's Spinning Guild.     We had received 24 one ounce samples of 24 different breeds of sheep.  All are prepared the same way - combed.   We've already completed two others.....this is the third and fourth in our 'series'.

Another guild I belong to, Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers is also doing a fiber study - they are starting with the raw wool and not only spinning it, but also exploring the fiber preparation.    (Unfortunately, since they meet during the week, I'm unable to attend their study group, so I have to experience it vicariously through their posts....sigh.)

Although both were enjoyable to spin, I preferred the Cormo. It’s very soft and I could spin a finer yarn. The Corriedale was harder to draw evenly and would not draw as thin as I wanted.  

Spinning Wheel:      Kromski Mazurka
Ply:                           2-ply
Method of Plying:   Center pull ball (one ply from each end)

Resultant Yarn:
Cormo - 64 yards, very even and smooth
Corriedale - 50 yards, a bit loftier 

The Corriedale produced a much loftier yarn….the Cormo a smoother yarn.  I was quite surprised at the difference in length of the resultant yarn.   I love them both!


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