Have Ewe Any Wool?

Sunday, November 17, 2013


I love a Celtic band called "Iona".   DH and I have attended their concerts at the Old Brogue in Great Falls for several years.   We thought we were seeing them tonight.   However, when we arrived, we found we were a week too early....and instead, there was a band called "Ayreheart" performing in the Snuggery.   We decided to stay and listen to them.

Wow!   I am so glad we stayed!   All I can say is they were FABULOUS!   Our mistake turned out to be a very happy surprise.   The music was fantastic.   The variety of musical instruments...and variety of lutes was amazing.  Ronn's skill with the lute was phenomenal.   Brian's voice was mesmerizing - he has a fabulous voice!

Willard was very skilled in a variety of instruments  - including a white 5 stringed violin!  (I'd never seen one of those before!)   Mattias's was very skilled on a variety of percussion instruments....including the Cajon (drum box).

What a fabulous concert!  Hopefully we'll catch this band again soon!    (I plan to listen to a lot of lute music this week as we picked up some fabulous CDs.)


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