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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Walkway Over the Hudson - The World's Longest Elevated Pedestian Bridge

On thing I wanted to do on my NY trip was to go on the Walkway Over the Hudson.   The pedestrian bridge was the ultimate in recycling.   In the 1970's, the railroad trestle burned down.   Rather than lay waste to the pylons, it was decided to create a park.....utilizing the remaining structure to form a pedestrian bridge over the Hudson.    What a fabulous idea!

We headed to the Poughkeepsie side of the Hudson....via the Mid-Hudson Bridge.   (I LOVE suspension bridges...they're my favorite of all bridges!)

After Garmin totally led us astray, I took over the helm and unplugged the "undependable leader".  Then, relying on basic visual cues,  I successfully directed us to the parking area for the Walkway.  (Garmin dumped us in a rather seedy neighborhood.....close to the river where there was NO ACCESS to the Walkway.   Garmin and I continue our mutual disrespect.)

The walkway was fabulous - it was nice and wide.  There were dogs, kids in strollers, joggers, and everyone from young kids through grandparents.  It was quite windy....as you can see from the flag.



The views were spectacular....especially of the Mid-Hudson bridge.   On the way over, it was somewhat bright and sunny...and on the way back, some clouds had rolled in so the view took on a somewhat dark and menacing look.


 Downstream and upstream, the view was lovely. 


Viewed from the other side of the Walkway, Poughkeepsie actually looks scenic rather than the urban hub that it is! 

The train tracks on either side of the Hudson are constantly in use.  Which probably explains how I was able to capture a shot with a train headed north on the west side of the river.

The walk from the east side to the west side of the Hudson...and back again, definitely gave us some much needed exercise!

After  the walk we were ravenous!   We headed over to the "Hopped Up Cafe" in High Falls for a fabulous lunch.  I had a smoked trout BLT and bought some local pickles!   The cafe is rather small, but has a fabulous local selection of brews on tap...and innumerable bottle beers.   Their daily specials are wonderful and creative.   We've found that in this area, the small local cafes and restaurant provide the most delicious and most interesting offerings. 

From here, we hit the Stone Ridge Orchard for some hard cider and apples.....then back to Catskill Rose to relax!


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