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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Breweries

While I was into the trip for the yarns, fibers, and rural views.....DH had his own agenda - checking out all the craft breweries in the Hudson Valley area as well as up here in Cooperstown.   I believe there were about 9 different breweries nearby   DH was in heaven!  (BTW....we did not hit them all!)
Ommegang is set out in the country....rolling hills and farmland surround the brewery...


Coming through the gates...and then viewing the brewery from the parking lot.


A lot has changed since the last time we were here!  They had built and entirely new building complete with a pub, tasting room, and gift shop.   Much more finished than the last time we were here!   The food was wonderful in the pub - and the Belgian fries are a "must have".  Incredible!    DH had a dessert of "Three Philosphers Ice Cream".....Three Philosophers is his favorite Ommegang brew...so he was in heaven.   I didn't think to get a photo of the food or ice cream, so all I have is a rather dark view of the pub.

We did take the tour....just to see what had changed there....


Leaving Ommegang and driving through the countryside was very soothing.  Lots of rolling hills and farmland.   Far from the hurry/scurry of the DC area!!!


We tried to visit Butternuts Brewery - recommended by several folks....including their fellow brewers.   We found it, but unfortunately they are only open Thurs - Sunday, so we couldn't take a tour or try any of their brews. 

Rather unique, the brewery is in a barn.  This looks more like a farm than a brewery.    


The trip back from the brewery was not a total loss.  I love looking at the countryside...especially at old barns.   There's something haunting yet soothing about an old barn.  


In the evenings, I'd spin...with with my drop spindle or with my wheel in the parlor of the B&B.   I had a wonderful time chatting with the other guests about all things fiber.   Once of the guests also was a knitter, so we had lots to talk about.   She was very interested in the spinning process.  Based on tips from the innkeepers, I found a shop in town that carried local alpaca yarn....so I bought a few skeins.   To me, what's the perfect souvenir - YARN!!!!!


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