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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Saugerties and "The Perfect Blend"....My Prelude to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival

I always arrive the day before set-up starts for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival....mainly because I grew up around here and I need to visit my old stomping grounds while I'm in town.  My first stop is at "The Perfect Blend" - a wonderful yarn shop I discovered last year that was opened by the wife of one of my classmates, Mary.

It's a lovely shop - warm and welcoming - and it's full to the gills with fabulous yarns, inspiring models of a variety of patterns, lots of cozy seating, and as always, some wonderful tea to sample.    Mary goes all out the weekend of NY Sheep and Wool hosting "Knit Ins" and some fabulous snacks.   It's the perfect spot to relax and be inspired.

 This year, she's added her own branded yarn - "The Perfect Blend" yarn.....how cool is that!  The designer and Mary graciously posed for a photo....unfortunately, my photography skills weren't the greatest, but I tried!

A few things have changed since last year.   Most notably, she's now expanded into the space next to her original shop.  Now, instead of the bales of hay, patio furniture, and hand-crafted quilts that decorated the empty space, she's got tables for classes, much more yarn, and she's "baby-sitting" a friend's Great Wheel.   What a lovely change!

(I had DH with me on this trip, so unfortunately, my time visiting at the yarn shop was a bit limited.   Next time I'll be able to browse more and have some time sit and knit and chat.)


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