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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Open Air Art

This morning, on my way to the Foothills Spinning and Weaving Guild meeting, I made a stop in Old Town Herndon  because I'd spotted an artist with her easel painting on the street corner right next to the Great Harvest Bread Company.

She was busily painting the corner building across the street - Zeffirelli's Restaurant.   Art Space in Herndon had various artists stationed throughout the town....painting "en plein aire" (in the open air).   I spent a few moments chatting with her before my meeting this morning.

Here's a view of both the painting....and subject- Zeferilli's Restaurant.


It turns out that the artist, Karen, and I both belong to the same guild - Foothills Spinners and Weavers....but don't recall ever formally meeting.  We introduced ourselves to each other and had a quick chat about fiber/spinning/dyeing.    She'd recently tried dyeing with poke weed (berries)...something I definitely need to try.  Karen is multi-talented - a fiber artist as well as a painter!!!

When my meeting was over, I stopped by again.   She'd completed her first painting and was already working on another one!   Amazing!!!!

I'm constantly amazed at the talents everyone has - so many fabulous artists, talents, and interests.  Painting is one thing I really don't want to tackle.  My "renditions" of even a still life  leaves a lot to be desired.   (I did, however, make a surprising discovery several years ago on my niece's "golden birthday".   I found I could draw a great donkey - totally from memory!   Unfortunately, there's no big demand for that skill, so I keep that pretty much to myself....LOL!)


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