Have Ewe Any Wool?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Baby, Baby, Baby!!!

I swear we're having a baby boom this year!   We had a baby shower in April at the office, a double baby shower in August, and we have two coming up in September/October!  And that's not counting family - my daughter and two cousins!    Oh, my!

For my cousin's shower this past Saturday, I made a "Lovie" from the Bunny Blanket Buddy Lion Brand pattern,  It used a very soft chenille.  I think it's cute.  It's basically the diagonal wash cloth pattern with added arms, ears, and a stuffed head.   It was fun to make too!    The design itself was quite clever.

Additionally, I made a pair of infant socks (up to age 2) from natural colored Dale Baby Ull - 100% Merino - nice and soft for the baby....plus, it can be machine washed a dried - a definite bonus for a new mom.   Oh...and wool is naturally fire retardant, so it's a great choice for baby clothing!


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