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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Very Special Blanket

I'm continuing to work on the blanket for my very special grandson!   It's a large round blanket - with lots of Queen Ann's Lace.  I had started it just before he was born and had the yarn and work-in-progress shipped to me when I went to visit him.   Needless to say, the package was delayed by SEVERAL days!    This is one of those projects that takes hours and hours to complete.....and I needed all of that time!   My job and dog keep me so busy that I have precious little knitting time in the evenings!

Here it is already August and the blanket STILL isn't finished....it's never ending!   LOL!   I love this blanket, but geez....it takes 30 minutes to comple a single row!   BUT.....I'm now about 18 1/2 hrs. away from completing it!   Wahoo!!!!!


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