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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Finished Buttons!

The buttons and the bowl that I glazed last weekend have been fired and all are now finished!  I love how everything turned out.

I lucked during the firing....none of mine broke/fractured.   I wasn't quite as lucky with the glazing - there were a couple of minor catastrophes.....two sets of two buttons touched in the kiln while being fired, so they fused together.   I lost 3 of my purple heart buttons and one of my ox blood hearts.  Everything else came out great!

Breakage and failures are inherent  hazards with ceramics and adds to the unknown nature and excitement of the final result.    You can create the most incredible pot, and the initial firing could cause it to break.  Or, two things could fuse together during the glazing process if things shifted and touched.   I lucked out in the initial firing....none of mine broke/fractured.   I wasn't quite as lucky with the glazing.   I'm not sure I'd be able to handle it if I'd made a large ornate project and it broke.  Buttons are one thing, but large pots are quite another.  


I did a couple of different techniques for the buttons - one where you coat the entire button with one or more layers....for a total of 3 layers on the front.

For some others, I painted colors in the design and then covered them with a clear coat glaze.    I really like how both of them turned out - including my practice piece.

I thought this piece was pretty ugly. when I'd painted it and covered it with the clear glaze..  I was just using it to practice the technique as well as to get an idea of what the various paint colors looked like.   I was pleasantly surprised to see the final product - I really like how this looks!

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Check out the "before" and "after" photos of the buttons and decorative items....quite a huge difference, eh?

One of the non-button items I made was a diz.   I gave it three coats of purple on half of it and two coats of purple and one coat of green on the other half.   Once the glaze was fired, the result was predominantly purple with just a hint of green.

I intentionally made the little men buttons two tone - burnt sugar for the shiny glaze and a flat brown on an angle.  I love the contrast of the shiny vs. the flat glaze...


 The glaze settles in the ridges for the solid colored buttons like the heart button.  It's hard to believe that the flat rather blah looking heart on the left magically becomes the heart on the right when the glaze is fired.


Similarly, the sheep buttons show the pattern where the glaze settled in the stamped sheep portions


I think these are my favorites....I love how the painted version turned out - so delicate looking.

Sue's angel came out beautifully!   I just love how it looks.  There is so much work in one of these.  I'm so glad I got to see how most of it was being put together.   Perhaps one day I'll feel skilled enough to attempt on of these!

Here's the side and rear views - amazing!


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