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Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Blanket is Finished!!!!

FINALLY....the baby blanket is finished!   It's quite large seemed to take absolutely FOREVER to knit, but now it's done.  BUT, once I got it off the needles, I discovered that as careful as I was, I somehow screwed up the order of the charts, so the words aren't exactly in the right order....but the good news is that the words ARE there and they ARE spelled correctly!   LOL!    I guess it's just my "signature" on the blanket...

 The blanket doesn't look that big from a distance with no size reference (above)......but it is quite large.  The rows of feather and fan took incredibly long - about 30 minutes per row!   I didn't think I'd ever get done!

It's the perfect size for my grandson!   Lots of room for him to roll around on!  


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