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Friday, September 13, 2013

A Musical Evening.....Courtesy of Lost Rhino Brewery and Hypnotic Willie

 What a fabulous evening!   DH, several friends, and I went to the Lost Rhino this evening to listen to "Hypnotic Willie" - a band that a friend of DH plays in.   They were fabulous!   The music was great and well played....songs by Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Rolling Stones, and a huge variety of other musical groups that I love!

In addition to the awesome music, I was introduced to a  musical instrument that I'd never seen before - a Cajon.   It's also called a "Drum Box".   Instead of a drum set, the percussionist used a Cajon....an acoustic box that produces sounds like a drum set.   I was absolutely fascinated!   (The drummer sits on the Cajon to  play it as shown in the photo below.)

When the drummer plays the Cajon, he seems very laid back and it looks like he's just hanging out.  As he hits the various sides of the box with his hands and fingers, it produces the sounds typically heard from a drum set.   Depending on where it's hit...and if it's with the hand or fingers...a different sound is emitted.  

At the end of the evening, I took a couple of close ups of the Cajon and spoke with the drummer.


The drummer hand built his Cajon.  It's an acoustic instrument with a microphone inside.  The Cajon is originally from Peru and is commonly used in Peruvian music...especially Flamenco music.   It's absolutely fascinating to watch it being played!  This instrument is also used in Cuban and other Spanish music.  


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