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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Cactus

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I find this intriguing.   I have three Christmas Cacti.....last year, only one bloomed, and it was in February 2013....NOT at Christmas 2012!   The year before that, one bloomed at Thanksgiving time - the other two did not.

This year, I have one that bloomed today - just in time for Thanksgiving!   The other is just a step behind - it looks ready to bloom any day now!

My largest one is getting buds as well!  This one was a gift from my friend Tina W. about 2-3 years ago.   (That was the one that bloomed at Thanksgiving two years ago.)

On the crafting front, I've knitted a couple of dish cloths to add to my stash of hand crafted items for my kitchen.   I'm attempting to replace all my dish cloths and towels with handmade ones as each of the store bought cloths "give up the ghost".  This is just one small project toward that goal.  (I have the warp wound for some purple kitchen towels....I just need to find the time to warp my loom and weave them!!!!)


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