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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mini-Mittens.....Round Two!

I decided that I REALLY liked the idea of mini-mittens....the ultimate goal is to make them ornaments.   As I mentioned previously, the pattern was great, but it seemed to take nearly as much time to finish the mittens (stitch up the seams) as it did to knit them in the first place.

I took the pattern and modified it a bit to change the stitch counts and alter a couple of rows to create a mini-mitten done in the round.   It took a few attempts, but it was definitely well worth the effort!   I LOVE how it turned out by doing it in the round.   Check it out......all I had to do was cinch the top of the mitten and the top of thumb and tuck the ends in and it was done!

I completed 5 more pairs of these mini-mittens.   I just love them!

I decided that the mittens all needed a bit of embellishing, so I added a button and ribbon on some of them and then added a snowflake button on the remaining mini-mittens.


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