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Monday, July 07, 2014

Lisa....Designer Extraordinaire!

And the birthday celebration continues.....

Lisa designed and sewed this awesome needle case for my birthday.  It's beautifully made and the fabric is gorgeous!   

I need to find more of my needles so I can properly "show off" the needle case and fill in the empty slots!  The majority of the needles I can find  are happily “pre-occupied” in my various WIPs.  I know I have a bin of my spare needles, somewhere!   I knew where they were at the old house, but I haven’t uncovered their hiding place here!  Just one more hazard of moving!


Anyhow, there are graduated slots for my DPNs (left)….and a flap to cover them and keep them safe (right).

And another set of graduated slots for my 9-14” needles….and a flap to cover them as well.
 Then, you just roll it shut and tie it as shown in the first picture.   It’s absolutely gorgeous!   

I have another one in purple brocade that she made me a few years ago from a pattern, but this one was totally her own design.   I feel extremely spoiled ….. Lisa has made me two fabulous needle cases…and she has yet to make one for herself!  (I had purchased a pattern a while back to make these but after looking at it, realized it was a bit complex and opted NOT to make one!   Lisa is fearless…like I mentioned, she made my first one from a pattern…. but this one, she designed herself. 

Thanks Lisa! 


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