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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Reunion Time

I brought several of my projects (finished and WIPs) to the family reunion on Saturday, but I never got a chance to work on anything. My cousin Carla did such a fabulous job putting the reunion together that there was no time to actually knit!

It was great catching up with all my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins....and reconnecting with many that I haven't seen for a while. My cousin Pam came all the way from California! I had a blast! There was enough food for an army too! I now have to track down the recipes for a couple of fabulous dishes - a cherry dessert made by my cousin Carla and a bean medley made by my cousin Sharon. There were lots of fabulous desserts and other side dishes as well. No one went hungry and we all took "doggie bags" home!

My DD even managed to work in a trip to Illinois for the party! She even played her first game of Euchre! I wish that more of my cousins had been able to make it - there were several that were missing for various reasons.

Thanks Carla for putting together such a fabulous party! You ROCK!!!!


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