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Sunday, June 29, 2008

American Folk Life Festival

This year's American Folk Life Festival in Washington, DC was extra special - my DD was here to share it with me! We met my friend Mia and her mom on the Mall and spent the day checking out the exhibits and trying to "stay cool". It was so incredibly hot that day, but somehow, we survived.

I took tons of photos and hope to have them posted soon - I'll put a link to them **HERE** as soon as they're posted. This year, the festival covered Bhutan, Texas, and NASA. I didn't bother with the Texas display as they had very few displays. I spent most of my time at the Bhutan displays - lots of crafts, cooking, and fiber arts. The NASA display was awesome as well.

At the festival, Mia gave me the most awesome birthday presents - a handwoven bag (isn't it gorgeous!) with some purple hemp yarn nestled inside. The hemp is perfect for making the "green" shopping bags - it's sturdy and like linen, softens with use. The most incredible gift was the pair of socks that she knit for me - how cool it that?!?! They fit perfectly! The colors are perfect....and the time she spent making them - wow....do I feel special! Thanks sooooo much Mia!

That evening, I caught the most incredible looking sunset. All day, we'd been threatened by thunder storms, and there was quite a thick cloud cover. At sundown, some of the clouds formed a "shelf" and beautifully reflected the sun. I LOVE the colors!


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