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Friday, October 12, 2007

Socktoberfest Continues....

On Tuesday, I cast on my next socks - the Solitude Farms Corriedale-Lincoln cross in all natural colors. I love how they're coming out so far! I think I'll have them complete before I head off to Rhinebeck! I think I'm out of my knitting "funk" for now...Socktoberfest has revived me! PLUS, I need to get going on the Christmas gifts - some of which are also socks. I think this will be a "good knitting" month - socks always make you feel like you've really accomplished something.

Jayme is almost done with her gorgeous baby blanket - the colors are fabulous...and I love the pattern! She's in the process of weaving in the ends. She's definitely a prolific knitter and will probably have the best dressed baby in Northern VA! And, her baby will be outfitted with quite a number of lovely hand-crafted blankets as well.

Update on the Drum Carder Claim and Repair:
Thurs - PM:
The claim has been filed with the Post Office for the cost of the replacement crank and the postage to and from Strauch Fiber. (Oddly, the PO seemed surprised that I was only filing a claim for the repair rather than just giving them the item and claiming total loss. I didn't even consider doing that - the carder is in fine condition - hardly something to "write off"! Evidently, I'm an anomaly....it appears that most people just write the whole thing off!)

Fri - AM: Just before I was heading off to the post office to ship the broken crank off to Strauch, the PO called and said they needed the OTHER half of the insurance claim tag to put with the paperwork for my claim. This doesn't make sense to me - the PO already has the portion that's attached to the shipping box which has the identifying numbers...the other half would have the SAME information! Oddly, they've asked me to contact the sender and request that they (the sender) send me the other half of the insurance tag and once received, I'm to bring it to the PO so they can attach it to the other paperwork. ARGH! This seems just a bit redundant and unnecessary to me...after all, they already have all the info and the requested item is just a small piece of paper that provides no additional information or value. Go figure.

Fri - PM: I have shipped the broken crank to Strauch so they can match the threading to my drum for proper alignment. The shipping receipt has been given to the PO to add to the claim file. For now, I'll just sit back and wait for Otto (the designer and craftsman of the drum carder) to work his magic.


  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger Polly said…

    That's a really really cute blanket. Poor drum carder. How often do you have to explain to like the post office what a drum carder is and then what roving is and then the idea of mixing fibers and then spinning...

  • At 4:57 AM, Blogger Jinann said…

    Trying to explain it was real interesting....I had to go all the way back to shearing the sheep and explain the whole process from "sheep to carder". I heard her trying to explain it to her supervisor when she presented my claim to her. I'm sure they have some "unusual" items go through the PO...and this was probably just one more in a long list!


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