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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fleece and Solitude

At our Purls of Distinction Guild Meeting, we had a FABULOUS presentation by Gretchen Frederick (of Solitude Farm) and Sue Bundy (of Redgate Farm). They spoke about the sheep they raise and how they purchase wool from other small "fiber farms" in the Chesapeake watershed area, process it, dye it, and market it to our local area. I LOVE the idea of supporting our local fiber farms - they're a wonderful source of a variety of fibers! These pictures "attempt" to capture the lovely yarns, but you really have to see them in person to really appreciate them. (I also managed to catch a quick photo of Sue and Gretchen as they were being introduced to our group.)

Their presentation was very informative and we all learned a lot about the entire process - from sheep to yarn! They both were very dynamic speakers and produce beautiful natural colored and dyed wool from a wide variety of sheep. Listening to the process made everyone appreciate the end result even more.

I purchased some sock yarn from local Corriedale-Lincoln cross sheep that came from 3 farms - Waterford Wool, Sheepy Hollow, and Black Sheep Farm - all in Loudoun County. The wool is white and natural colored wool - totally undyed. I also purchased some Shropshire yarn from Temple Hall Farm (a natural and a blue/green/white variegated). Shropshire is an English breed that produces a "down-type" wool. My final purchase was some Karakul - a Persian sheep breed with hairlike wool - great for felting or rugs. This wool was first-clip from lambs at Red Gate Farm.

Of course, I have to show highlights of the recent finished objects by several of my friends within the guild. I'm still in my "knitting funk", so please bear with me!

Here's a shot of Jo Anne's Mountain Colors Mountain Moss Vest in Wool Crepe. The colors are so vibrant ....definitely gorgeous!

Jo Anne is modeling her Mountain Colors Foothills Vest in Mountain Goat - the colors and the buttons are fabulous! Nora made the lovely red cabled scarf for the "Red Scarf Project" - the cables really make this scarf stand out - it's a fabulous pattern. I definitely want to try to make one using this cable pattern - I believe it's the pattern from Interweave Knits.

Nora is modeling her "Drifting Dreams Jacket" from Blue Heron Yarn - it's almost finished...just needs a wee bit of edging. It's absolutely stunning. Anita is modeling her finished Mystery Stole 3 - I just love it! She used an alternate "clue 4" so that pattern "finishes" prior to starting the "wing" - I think that's what I'll use....whenever I finally get back to finishing it!

Tiffany is "hiding" behind the lovely black shawl she made - it's not yet blocked, but it still looks lovely! And finally, there's Gretchen's gorgeous shawl - love the rich blue colors!

This is Carols fabulous table topper - a gorgeous Neibling lace project out of hemp. Last week I posted a photo of the nearly complete "pre-blocked" project....and this bit of loveliness is how it looks now that it's blocked.

Finally, the "cute animal" picture. Georgia is seen posing with Sadie - they both seem to really enjoy getting their pictures taken.


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