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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rhinebeck Trip ...Day 1 - The Arrival

The trip to NY was fabulous...and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Life/work sure know how to intervene! I think I'll probably have 4 posts total (over the next few days), so please bear with me.

I arrived in NY around lunchtime on Thursday. This would allow me to spend more time visiting with my friend Cathy as well as let me be well rested in preparation for the weekend fiber frenzy at New York Sheep and Wool.

On the way to Cathy's, I stopped at Amazing Threads - a wonderful yarn shop between Kingston and Saugerties...right on 9W. I discovered this shop a couple of years ago and try to stop there every time I'm in the area. I was good - I made a few purchases from the bargain bins....and some patterns. I was saving the serious shopping for Rhinebeck.

I finally arrived at Cathy's in the early afternoon. Here's some shots of the grounds and the view. This place is right in the heart of things, but yet, very secluded. The iron fence and the wonderful trees and shrubs that insulate you from the main road really give you the feeling of living on a manor. The setting was absolutely spectacular!

This is the building here apartment is in. I just LOVE the windows that swing open - it definitely gives it a very cozy and "homey" feel. (Click on the photo for a closer view)

The photo on the left is the view from her apartment out toward the main road - the fence and trees totally obscure it! the photo on the right is a shot back down the lane leading to her apartment - I just love the iron gates and the brick pillars! You feel like you're at a retreat in the country...peacefully nestled in the woods down a country lane.

The other buildings on the property are lovely as well - the barn/shed (just to the left of her apt. bldg.) is quite fancy looking and the other "house" is fabulous. It looks like a manor house, but it's been converted into 3 apartments. Looking at the buildings and the grounds, you feel as if you've been transported far from the worries and stresses of our modern lives.

And the views....oh, are they breath taking! Here are just a couple of the views from the grounds - the water view was visible from my bedroom.

I finished the evening by taking Cathy to "Catskill Rose" in Mt. Tremper - a fabulous restaurant. Our high school friend, Pete (pictured) and his wife Rose Marie, are the chefs and proprietors. Their food is absolutely fabulous! The spinach and smoked duck salad is "to die for"!!! Everything on the menu is fabulous and the presentation is incredible. Pete and Rose are very keen on high quality, fresh food and strive to grow all the veggies on the premises to insure their quality and freshness. As a result, every dish is just bursting with flavor - definitely a festival for the taste buds!

Catskill Rose has now expanded into a B&B as well. The rooms are fabulous - both cozy and roomy...with all the comforts of home. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend that you take the time to eat here...and perhaps spend the night - you won't be disappointed!

Then, it was back to Cathy's to settle in for the night. She truly rolled out the red carpet for me - I was very spoiled the entire time I was there. Her home was very comfortable and warm - and we had a blast talking about "old times". And her cats - wow! They were the friendliest group of felines I'd ever seen! They were so friendly and interactive that I felt they were more "dog-like" than "catlike".

The bundles of fur on the bed were my personal "greeters" - Mikey, Katie, and Mama. They kept me cozy at night too as they like to sleep on the bottom corner of the bed. Mama prefers to walk on your chest and insists on multiple cuddles the moment you lie down and try to sleep! You do get rewarded with lots of purrs....the hard part was convincing her that cuddle time was over and it's time for bed! The second photo is of nearly the entire clan - with the exception of Joey who typically ran from the camera. After attempting to get all 7 in one picture, now know where the phrase "easy as herding cats" comes from!!!! On the table is Baby (the blind kitty), Shelly (the fluffier one), Rusty (the orange one), Mikey (black and white), Katie (brindle), and finally, Mama.


  • At 1:39 AM, Blogger ContinentalCat said…

    Those views are indeed stunning, what a lovely place.

    And who wouldn't want to spend the night with such adorable cats?

    Looking forward to reading your posts on the trip!

  • At 7:37 AM, Blogger Javajem said…

    Wow - what a place!! Sooooo jealous!

  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger GretchenX said…

    That sounds like a great trip - even if yarn hadn't been involved!

    Brutus wants to know when HE will be getting some attention from his Auntie!


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