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Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Knitting!

I think I'm now about 75% done with the first Solitude Farm sock! Wahoo! It's really pretty - I love the natural colors. I'm using a size 2 1/2 needle and cast on 48 stitches for the sock...and it's fitting my leg and foot perfectly. The only part I'm disappointed with is my heel flap - it's just a bit on the short side. However, I'm not disappointed enough to "rip it out and start over"!

I'm also officially past the halfway point on my Lilith - it's so exciting! I love the color and can't wait until it's finished! The next challenge with this project will be to find the perfect buttons. I may need to head to "Uniquities" in Vienna - Brenda has a wonderful selection of buttons! I think I want buttons that will blend in and basically become invisible against the fabric.

I've also finished a rather funky self-ruffling scarf for Nature's Yarns. It's made from "Tango", a knitted ribbon yarn from Universal using one of their patterns. It's a ribbon yarn of 4 different colors. If you knit one side, you see mainly the first two colors. If you knit on the other side, you see mainly the last two colors. They have several different colorways to choose from. The scarf knits up quite fast and uses a special technique. This "yarn" will make fabulous embellishments on sleeves, gloves, or bags.

Here, I've tried to "pin out" the knitted ribbon yarn to illustrate the width and colors. In the scarf above, you can see that I decided to knit the scarf on one side of the ribbon for the first half, and the other side for the second half. The difference is astounding - it looks like two different yarns. Unfortunately, the contrast isn't very evident in these photos.

In the close-ups, you can see that the red and black show the most when I knit into the maroon side of the ribbon. When I knitted into the red edge, then the maroon and orange were the dominant colors.


  • At 8:23 PM, Blogger Polly said…

    that yarn is FASCINATING! And I've been kind of yarn turned off lately, but now I am perking up...


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