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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas and the Ugly Christmas Swap

I had minimal decorations out this year for the holidays, but I did have a few items on my mantle...including my "Charlie Brown Tree" and my Nordic Nisse.

On Christams weekend, there was an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.....very vibrant colors.   These two photos were taken 15 minutes apart.


As part of a "de-stress" activity during the holidays, a group of us challenged each other with an "Ugly Christmas Swap" with the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" as the prime example of "Ugly".   I made my partner an apron and a coordinating necklace to go with the purchased Christmas tree earrings.

I drew a Christmas tree shape freehand and then cut it out of green felt with glitter.   I laid out glittery pom-poms on the tree for bulbs.

Once all the pom-poms were attached, I stitches the tree to the apron and then outlined it in glittery fluffy "ribbon".   It was a lot of fun!

Here's the awesome "Ugly Christmas" I received....

Pat crafted a long sleeved shirt for me with the same reindeer as is shown on the serving dish she included in the swap.   She even used my favorite color - purple!   I think it's awesome - and it's a perfect fit!

(I used the serving dish on Chirstmas to hold the lettuce and cheese for our traditional Christmas Tacos.)


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