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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Catching Up

Wow!   This past week has been crazy!  I drove to Illinois right after Thanksgiving....and got hit with some unpredicted snow squalls that made the going a bit dicey the first few hours of my trip.   Thankfully, by the time I got further into Pennsylvania, they had actually treated the roads!    The wind was blowing like crazy and the snow was coming sideways.   And none of that was in the forecast!

My project in November was a set of 4 mini-sweaters.   I still need to embellish them and make their little hangers.   These were fun to make and knit up fairly fast.   I made two plain and two with a cable up the center.  For embellishments, I may add
a snowflake button....or perhaps ribbon and a bell.

In order to keep my strength up for crafting, I "had" to get a pork tenderloin.   I believe this is my most favorite sandwich.   They're huge...and they're so incredibily delicious!   Just add some onion, mustard, lettuce, tomato and a dash of salt and it's perfect!

Mid-week, Mom and I hit the Norway Store to purchase lots of goodies - Norwegian candies, Lingonberry Jam, and their home made pickled herring.  I did pass on the Lutefisk.   Mom wasn't thrilled about the idea of "stinking up the house" by cooking the fish.

Oh....and since we were at the Norway Store on the first Wednesday of the month, we had a great lunch!  It was time for the monthly Norwegian buffet.  YUM!!!!!

 Of course, while we were there, I had to take the obligatory photos of the Troll Decor on the bathroom doors.
On the crafting front, I started working on the second sock of my cotton-wool socks.   I had started these quite a while back, and I really needed to finish up the second sock so I can wear them!   I didn't get very far on the 1st..and haven't really touched them after that. 

Looks like that's what my vacation will be....a bit of crafting and lots of eating!

Oh...check out this cool Santa's Sleigh that my Aunt Rita crafted out of a turkey breast and some nail polish.  I think it's awesome!!!


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