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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Annual Christmas Advent Swap

Several years ago, a tradiiton was born in the Monthly Adventures Ravelry group.   We drew names and made a hand crafted Christmas stocking for our secret partner.   We then filled it with 24 gifts - one for each day of Advent - and shipped it off in time for the recipient to receive it by December 1.  Each day, the recipient opens a gift. 

The tradition has morphed a bit and we now create a GCD (Gift Conveyence Device) which can be a stocking, a basket, a bag, a felted bag, or whatever.  It can be knitted, crocheted, appliqued, quilted, or whatever....as long as it's hand crafted.

Above is the stocking I made for my swap partner this year......I used Eco-Wool from Plymouth and used the "Snowflake Pattern" from Maurya McBride.  It was a relatively easy stocking to make with a unique way of putting it together so you could knit the pattern flat instead of in the round.

The little packages have all been wrapped and are ready to ship!



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