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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Very Crafty December

Time off is great!   I'm getting a TON of crafting done...as well as doing errands and fixing things for mom.   For her birthday, I made her a pair of socks.  Yup.  You guessed it....yet another pair of bed socks.  She LOVES them - they keep her feet warm at night.  This time, I was able to custom fit them since I was here!

Check out the patterning of the socks!  The pattern I used was "Fireside Socks" and the yarn is "Iceland".  Both skeins are the same dye lot...but the end result was quite different due to the pooling of the colors.   The one sock almost looks striped, whereas the other remained rather mottles.  

In addition to the socks and the surprise party my sisters and I put together for my mom, I had commissioned a hand crafted angel for her birthday.   Bridgette does gorgeous needle felting....and she did not disappoint!   The vintage angel she created for my mom's birthday is beautiful!  

Another major accomplishment was that I FINALLY spun the skein of yarn for Peggy's 60th!   Our spinning group had given her a basket of hand spun yarn in celebration of the birthday as well as a thank you for all her efforts keeping our spinning study group on track.  That occurred in early November....without my skein.  I had precious little spare time and just couldn't get it done.


I spun up an art batt that was a combination of wools, alpaca, silk, mohair, and a bit of Angelina and Firestar.  It has all my favorite colors - purples, blues, teals, and pinks.  I think it's the perfect skein for Peggy - she LOVES color!  I included the photo of the yarn on the bobbin as it seemed to show the individual colors within the skein well.

I finished with the rug hooking portion of my 3D rug hooked tree.   I hate to admit it, but it was started last November......November 2013, not November 2014.   It's FINALLY done!   I didn't think I'd ever finish hooking it.   I do have the strips going the wrong way - I hooked up and down, but should have done side to side.   The problem with the way I did it is that when the ends are joined to form the tree, the curving will reveal the white backing.  If I had done it the other way, it would not have shown.  Oh, well.   Live and learn.   I'll have to see what it looks like after I have it all stitched up.

One final thing....the socks I made weeks ago for my grandson are a PERFECT FIT!!!   Wahoo!


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