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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Birthday Treats!

I had an absolutely fabulous birthday yesterday - lots of goodies - many were knitting related, of course!

DD got me 8 oz. absolutely gorgeous hand-dyed laceweight Superfine Alpaca yarn. This was purchased from Woven Art in Lansing. Nancy, the owner, is an exquisite dye-master with a fabulous eye for color. The colors are fabulous - the blend of the blues and greens reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea. I just love it! Since I love to cook as well, DD got me an awesome prep knife. My DD is absolutely fabulous - she's extremely thoughtful and truly tailors her gifts to the recipient. She definitely hit a home run with the gifts this year - as she always does!

DH spoiled me with a wonderful dinner at Ruth's Chris followed by a number of cool gifts for the knitter and chocolate mousse cake. He got me the Nantucket bag (wahoo!) in purple no less! It's truly a wonderful bag where you can zip it with the pockets inside or outside, or totally unzip the bag to lay it flat. I also got a woven bamboo Lantern Moon Basket/Bag (in a very deep Aubergine color....yum!), a bag for my Kromski Harp Loom, and a zippered organizer from the Bass Pro shop (with extra plastic pages) that I intend to use to organize all my circular needles. (Many thanks to my friend Sue for recommending this as a needle organizer!) DH also gave me a book on Gnomes, an "office Crafts" book, a really cool Artemis Pendant and some $$$. I also got some $$$ from mom and dad, and I plan to make good use of these funds shopping at Nature's Yarns and Uniquities using my birthday discount!

My friend Lisa had another surprise in store for me...as if the dinner and ballet I mentioned in a previous post weren't enough! I was truly astounded and feel absolutely spoiled by the gorgeous silk brocade needle roll that she created for me. The fabric is exquisite...and the needle roll is to die for. It's just beautiful! Everyone that has seen it falls in love with it and wants one of their own. (The photo of the open needle roll shows the light at different angles making the silk brocade light or dark.....it's just exquisite!)Make sure youclick on the photos for a closer look.

INSIDE the needle roll was yet another surprise....some Brazilian Moonstone earrings in a delicate little silk brocade pouch. The predominant color in the moonstone is purple. The photo doesn't really show the true beauty of the needle roll or earrings, but you get the idea.

Family and friends....what a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday! Thanks for making me feel so special!


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