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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Long, Wet Ride Home

The drive back to Virginia was a bit wet...and occasionally stormy. The midwest has been inundated with rain. In fact, it rained nearly half of the time we were there. Many fields were full of water or had"natural ponds" where the corn should have been planted. The farmers are having a really rough Spring. Hopefully it will dry out soon and they can get the fields planted before the planting season is a total loss!

The rainy weather stuck with us through most of the ride home. Once we got off of the PA Turnpike, the weather started to get a bit stormier. But, as we soon found out, there was a light at the end of the tunnel - literally!

In spite of all the storms and the impending night, there was just enough sunlight able to peak through the clouds and over the mountain tops to produce a beautiful sunset rainbow. DH had to use my cell phone camera to try to capture it's beauty before the last bits of sunlight escaped to the other side of the mountain. Amazingly, it came out much better than either of us expected. The photo isn't nearly as stunning as the rainbow was in real life, but at least it captured some of its beauty....and preserved it forever.


  • At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Beautiful pics. Love the rainbow!


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