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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring is FINALLY Here!

It seems like winter has been lingering and hanging in there, but I do believe that Spring is FINALLY truly here. I've found several indicators that it's finally here. Unfortunately, I noticed that literally overnight, the dandelions have bloomed!

This past weekend, I caught this beautiful weeping cherry in full bloom. I've never seen one quite this large, so that was a real treat! Then today, I spotted this growth on a tree stump along the trails. I was quite pleased with the detail that I managed to capture!

Check out the top of this poor pine tree! It's thoroughly overladen with pine cones. In the full view, you can see the poor tree straining to stay upright under the weight of it's load. (The pictures are a bit dark - be sure to click on the picture to see a closeup for a better view. It's a very full tree!)

My friends, Dave and Tina, the lucky owners of that beautiful weeping cherry tree, definitely have a green thumb. Check out the size of the lemon on their little lemon tree. And there are numerous new buds as well! The tree "winters" inside where it is nurtured and kept warm, but still...I find it truly amazing to find a lemon that large on a tree that small this far north! Amazing!

This has to be my favorite springtime view - the buds and flowers of the Red Bud tree. I think they're just beautiful. I'm thinking about trying to felt a flower that emulates the beauty of these flowers. That way I can preserve the simple beauty of these flowers all year round.

Knitting Progress...

And now, here's and update on the knitting progress. The finished dish cloth is made from the standard kitchen cotton, Sugar 'n Cream. It's a bit hard on the hands to knit with cotton, but on the bamboo needles, it's not too bad.

I've nearly finished the first "Dark Chocolate Raspberry" sock. I'm using "OnLine" yarn for the first time and I really like working with it. It's very soft - nothing like the harshness of Opal or some of the Sockotta. It's not quite as soft as Lorna's Laces, but it's right up there in softness.



  • At 12:59 PM, OpenID vickiknit said…

    Love all the pictures, but watch out next comes mowing grass!


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