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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Norwegian Lindehunds

At the last Sons of Norway meeting, some of our members presented a slide show and talk on the Norwegian Lindehunds (One of the members is shown here holding her Lindehund). Several Lindehunds were also brought in from display.

The Lindehund (also called the Puffin dog) is a very rare breed that was almost extinct. They were being killed off as a threat to the puffins....however, it turned out that the Lindehund was actually the endangered animal, not the puffin!

The Lindehund has developed some unique features that made them a perfect fit their environment and prey. They developed additional toes - a minimum of six! They also have unusual joints where they're able to turn their heads around and lay them on their backs and walk backwards into tight spots in caves. When they run, their legs go out to the side and look similar to the arms of a racing swimmer. The Lindehund page can provide you with some additional information on this unique breed.

On to the knitting progress.....

At the meeting, I started another pair of socks. This time, I'm using Fortissima Socka Color with some metallic silver threads throughout. Since it's still winter around here, I thought that it would be fun to have socks that "glisten" with the look of ice crystals. I don't have a picture to share as I didn't get very far during the meeting - I was too distracted by the Lindehunds!

Just before the meeting, I finally completed the January and the February Block of the Month (Ravelry Monthly Adventures group). The January block is the double moss and the February is the heart. Both squares are unblocked and I left some yarn on the edges so I could sew the blocks together when I'm done. I'm planning to make a Project Linus blanket from the squares I make with this knit along. I do need to tear out and re-knit the January block because it's a bit larger than the planned 12x12. I used a size 8 needle for the January block and went down to a 7 for the February.


  • At 7:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I look forward to seeing the blocks as you complete them, pretty color of red!


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