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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kiitos! (Thank you!)

I received a fabulous package as my last one for SP13. My spoiler was Hanna...from Finland. She did a wonderful job selecting the perfect items for me. I am absolutely amazed - though we've never met, she seemed to know me so well!

Inside, was a treasure trove of goodies in addition to a lovely letter introducing herself. There was an abundance of lovely yarns - including some special hand-dyed yarn! The colors of all of them are perfect - I just love them all. Wow. I'm speechless! Oh...did you notice the really cool towel? It's a Muumimamma towel - and there's some wonderful soap with it too!

The package was chock full of all kinds of treats to keep me going as well. After all, one does not live by yarn alone, right? There's some coffee, scandinavian licorice (with a bit of salt), some candy bars, black currants (yum!) and chocolate covered lingonberries (double yum!). This was the PERFECT mix of treats to send to someone of Scandinavian descent!

The last two items are absolute treasures. Two booklets of fabulous Fair Isle designs - including recent reprints of patterns from the 30's and 40's. I keep flipping through them trying to decide which one to do first! In the one booklet, it looks like it gives instructions for booties, socks, stockings, caps, and scarves where I can mix and match all types of fabulous color work! I think I'll be spending a lot of time with these pattern books over the next several months!

You definitely need to check out Hanna's blog (link on the right). She's an avid sock knitter and has some absolutely fabulous projects.

Thanks so much for the fabulous package Hanna!


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