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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yarning About

While in Michigan, I couldn't resist a chance to visit a couple of yarn shops.

First stop, was at Threadbear - a yarn and fiber "Superstore" chock full of models and all kinds of goodies for the knitter, crocheter, and spinner. I "reined" myself in and only took a couple of hours to shop as DH was with me. The shop has LOTS of comfy sitting areas, so DH had a comfy seat while he read his book. I'm sure the highlight of his visit was the attention of the dogs - Busby and Tate. As usual, the dogs were more than willing to pose for the camera as well as greet everyone who ventured into the shop.

There were so many new models at the shop that I spent much of my time "looking up" at the vast array suspended from the ceiling. I did manage to find quite a few "must haves". I even picked up a number of fabulous patterns. Now, if I could just carve out some quality knitting time!

As a Mother's Day treat, I took my mom with me to Rae's Yarn Boutique. It too has a lovely variety of goodies to tantalize the needle crafter as well as the spinner. It boasts Lynn H yarns as well. Unfortunately, I missed both Lynn and Rae during my visit. (Rae was off visiting her mom for Mother's Day.)

My mom got quite a kick out of seeing me yarn shop. She snuggled down onto the couch that was facing the store and watched me flit from yarn bin to yarn bin....touching this....fondling that. I kept going back to where she was sitting to add little piles of yarny goodness to the seat next to her. I think she enjoyed herself as we shared a new "mother-daughter" experience!

There were a couple of models in Rae's shop that I'm dying to make. She has a "wall of sweaters" that just calls to me. There's something so much more enticing about a completed model rather than the flat image that's shown in the pattern book. There was also a circular shawl that I was eyeballing as well. Which reminds me - I need to give Rae a call to find out what the patterns are for those two items.......

We did make a stop in Kalamazoo on the way out of Michigan. DH had so graciously accompanied me to Threadbear on Saturday that I thought it only fair to reward him with a stop at the Bell's Brewing Company's General Store. He's quite fond of several of their brews, but his favorite is the "Consecrater Doppelbock which they just happened to have in stock! (This made DH very happy....and almost made a trip the the yarn shop worth it!)


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